Wedding Reception

Let us be a part of of your most beautiful day.

Whether you are planning for a classic evening reception or a fun wedding party with your own favourite theme, we want to ensure that your big day is a special one. Because we know that every wedding is so unique, we are more than happy to personalize the service and offers according to your needs and dreams.

Our service includes setting budgets, arranging table settings, choosing your favourite menu and coming up with ideas and concepts for your wedding reception.

For more information on weddings please contact:

Engagement Ceremomy

Engagement Ceremony is one of the most delicate events that we would like to make it your most memorable day for you and your family. 

Our Services include:
- Engagement Venue for 50 - 150 people
- Fresh Floral Decoration 
- Engagement Ceremony Set
- Bhuddist Ceremony
- Kan-Mak Parade (Floral Trays, Auspicious Plants, and Live Music)
- Coffee Breaks and Welcome Juice
- Junior Suite room with in-room Breakfast



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